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ROOMS: 2001

Stu Zipper, M.D. Medical Director, Minister of Rooms, and Minister of Food

Greetings! In addition to my role of Minister of Food, this year I have also been appointed Minister of Rooms. We will be staying at the lovely Hotel Alhambra in Granada this year. This hotel sits across from the central square of Granada and has a beautiful verandah reminiscent of a Hemingway story (and usually populated with lots of ex-pats as well)! The hotel is clean, air-conditioned, and with private showers with hot water which hopefully works. There is also cable television with English CNN (in past years). We have reserved a collection of singles, doubles, and triples. The rates PER ROOM will be APPROXIMATELY: single $30 double $36 triple $39 We have not yet firmed up rates, but they will be in this ballpark. Tack on another 2 or 3 dollars PER PERSON for breakfast. ****PLEASE email your preference for single, double, triple to me ( We will try to accommodate as many singles as possible as per request but cannot guarantee a single room. For those requesting double and triples, please contact your colleagues and send me coupled and tripled names. We will assign roommates for those needing them. ***** `````` food: For those of you on your first trip to Nicaragua, please be advised that Nicaraguan food is very tasty and not at all spicy hot as is the food in Mexico. Nicaraguans surprisingly love beef and everywhere one goes, on can spot range-fed Brahman cattle along the road side. Chicken, fish, and pork are easily found on menus as well. Gallo pinto (beans and small red kidney beans) and cooked plantains are staples. The fruit (pineapples, melon, oranges) will be the best you've ever eaten! We will arrange a buffet breakfast at the hotel and have a simple hot meal catered-in at the clinic site. We will arrange several group dinners which will cost between 5 and 10 dollars per person. There will be several nights for dinner on-your-own with at least 10 restaurants within a safe ten minute walk of the hotel. These restaurants will range from a new relatively expensive upscale "continental" restaurant to a sidewalk fritanga (barbecue) stand around the corner from the Alhambra. Restaurant choices will include Nica, Mexican, pizza, Spanish, and Italian. selected web-sites: Nicaraguan Cuisine Nicaragua's top tourist attractions About Nicaragua excellent cookbook on latin cuisine: Miami Spice : The New Florida Cuisine 

Hasta luego! 

Stu Zipper

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