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The medical clinic this year saw patients with a wide variety of health issues.  Hearts were listened to, blood pressures were checked, and prescriptions were written for the Pharmacy to fill.  All of the staff in the Medical Clinic were returning NEVOSH veterans, including Rocco Andreozzi DO, Joe England MD, Bruce Fischer MD, Geoff Burns MD, Lee Arnold PA, Becky Sox NP, Sue Seidler NP and Lynn Normand NP.

 Sue Seidler NP writes:
Most memorable to me about this particular mission that "almost didn't happen" was the fact that it REALLY almost didn't happen.... (I think we've had a few past missions that coined this phrase...) If it wasn't for the patience and fortitude of our "fearless" leaders, Joe and Carl and several others, this mission may have sunk... however, it did not and I know we are all truly grateful for their hard work. In fact, I think we served a population that was needier of health care than in the past several years. Many of the people that I encountered had indeed, never seen a healthcare provider.
For example, a woman came in on the 2nd day of the mission with a very different looking rash on her face and extremities. Geoff Burns thought it looked like Leprosy and Vidal Ruiz confirmed that it probably was. We gathered up what we could from our limited "farmacia" and Vidal utilized some medications that he has limited access to and we sent her on her way with follow-up care arranged (by Vidal). She came back in 2 days later, looking better, wanting to thank everyone. I received a religious plaque from her and a big hug.....
I'm pretty sure I'll never see that again....


Lynn Normand NP writes:
I have told most everyone that this mission was for me the best. I was happy to be back to Nicaragua after a year absence. I found that the pre-mission red tape, hassle and set backs did not hamper the trip once we finally arrived. I was privileged to talk with Omar (one of our hosts) and to learn of his turbulent life during the revolution. The fact that he is host to countless missionaries from all over and that he embraced our efforts so honestly and affectionately was testament to the powerful effect that charity in its best sense has on everyone, the giver and the receiver alike. Also I practiced again and loved it! The support and encouragement from the other team members was wonderful. This is how the world becomes a better place, Just do what you can to help and then don't stop because it only gets better. I am so glad to have been part of the Nandaime experience.
Thanks, Lynn Normand NP

2008 Medical Clinic Photo Gallery
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2008 Medical Clinic Photo Roster

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