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Stephen Grimes MD

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Once again this year, the intrepid eye surgeons, Steve Grimes MD, and Charles Collins MD, made the trip and restored sight in one eye for the most needy patients. 

The cataract clinic is the continuing crown jewel of the NEVOSH annual trip.  Steve Grimes MD and Charlie Collins MD held court at the hospital in Masaya, where the two ophthalmologists put on a cataract clinic.  They saw the most serious cataract patients and restored sight in one eye each for 50 legally blind Nicaraguans.  The surgeons brought their accomplished assistants with them.  Kammie Lucas RN is the finely tuned surgical assistant for Dr. Grimes.  Dr. Collins is fortunate to be able to work with his lovely wife, Sheila Collins, RN.  Francis Torrez, a local OR nurse, proved to be most helpful and was very well liked by the Cataract Clinic team.  Katie Collins used her Spanish skills to translate for her father in the OR.  The seamless teamwork and dedication to the task make the OR hum along like a well tuned machine.  This year, Dr. Grimes broke his personal record for the number of cataract procedures accomplished in one day. 

60 Pre-Op evaluations were carried out at the clinic site by Carl Sakovits OD, Joe England MD, and Sarah England.  Some of the patients evaluated did not to show up for the procedure, and one feisty hombre got up off the gurney and walked out of the hospital without receiving the surgery.

Every year that NEVOSH has had an Ophthalmologist performing surgeries, many lives are greatly changed by the renovation of sight to the legally blind.  This year, 50 patients received cataract surgeries at the hospital in Masaya.   We do not have enough kind words in the dictionary to express the gratitude of NEVOSH and the patients involved to these intrepid surgeons, their well tuned assistants, and the operating room translators. 

Carl Sakovits, OD also saw the patients after the procedure, fitting protective sunglasses and witnessing first hand the moment that they first gain vision as the post-op bandage is  removed to determine the correct prescription for eyewear.

Conor Collins submitted some great photos from the 2007 Ophthalmology clinic.  Take a look if you haven't seen them yet.

2008 Ophthalmology Photo Gallery
2007 Ophthalmology Photo Gallery
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2008 Cataract Clinic Photo Roster

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