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Without the work of a dedicated group of translators, the 2008 NEVOSH clinic would not have been possible.  We extend our sincere thanks to the translators who worked diligently to ensure that the issues expressed by the patients in the clinic were understood by the NEVOSH doctors and clinic staff.

Juan Lopez Calero



"Gaby" Gabriela Gutierrez

"Fabi" - Maria Fabiola Miranda Martinez

Paola Martinez

Javier Mena

Juan G. Martinez

Moises Fuentes

Roger Moya

Ana Yanse

Eliana Talavera

Senorita Rocha

Maria Rocha

Carlos Bejarano




Mayerlin Molina M.

Luisa Talavera

Eric Postosme


Luisa Talavera writes:

Hey, guys! How are you doing? I hope you're good. The fact that I'm writing today is because I got into the website of NEVOSH this morning, reading all the stories about your last trip this January 2008 and somehow I wanted to let you know that I'm really thankful for having worked with you.
It's been amazing and awkward how Nicaraguan people are so blind sometimes about the need that these people have. I honestly want to THANK YOU in the name of all of the people who were helped this year in my hometown, Nandaime. This has been the most wonderful experience I've had so far... getting to know these people's needs and knowing that there's so many people out there willing to help, like you guys... and feeling that there's still some kindness in this crazy world. Haha!
So Thank You very much, I'm willing to see you again next year, and longing to work with you anytime, anywhere.  My sister Eliana (who is a Medical student here in Nicaragua) and I were working as translators on this Mission, and I personally got to work with the Optometry Team, Lara, Rocco and Dr. Peter Eudenbach (the wisest man on this planet, so thankful and down to earth!!! --give him a BIG hug from me)... I also had the pleasure to meet Samantha Andreozzi, Sarah England, Dr. John England and his wife, and also Kevin at registration... I'm so glad I made many friends and had the chance to work and to get to know the real part of life with you.
Thanks Again. God Bless You!

Luisa Talavera - Translation Team 2008

2008 Translation Photo Gallery
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Jackson Lau OD has posted a video clip on YouTube for 2008.  It chronicles the  "reaction" of skilled translator Paola Martinez to sighting "the famous" Ken Warburton OD.  Dr. Warburton's photo was featured in an article in the Nicaraguan newspaper "La Prensa" shortly after our 2007 clinic trip to Monimbo, Masaya, Nicaragua.  Evidently these translators were thrilled to see the same optometrist in person who had been made "so very famous" by that newspaper article a year ago.

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