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Album: 2007 Monimbo

Summary: January 15-18, 2007 clinic in Monimbo neighborhood of Masaya, Nicaragua.

Date: 2007-01-14 to 2007-01-22

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Album: Screening

Optical Screening (Visual Acuity) was handled with level of patience and care that kept the throngs of people often waiting in the room mesmerized with respect for Peter King.  He really has what it takes to keep things in line and rolling along productively, which can sometimes be difficult.  Persephone Brown worked in screening this year with Peter King, but also handled registration interviews and precise picking in the dispensary.  A triple threat!

Album: Registration

Registration is a vitally important stage of a patient's visit to the VOSH clinic.  The registration team discerns which of the area within the clinc the patient will see.  Forms are filled out and a brief medical history is taken. The registration team had a vertically bisected concrete half dome as a backdrop for their station.  This feature of the outdoor stage they were working on provided a nice visual atmosphere, but offered little protection from the sun.  These volunteers tanned while they interviewed patients to get an overall medical history and specific concerns.  The Ginsberg sisters, Sarah and Melissa,  put their time in for registration and screening, but also demonstrated their precocious nature by picking in the dispensary.

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The 2007 NEVOSH clinic site was in the Centro Escolar SALESIANO "San Juan Bosco". This school in the Monimbo area of Masaya, Nicaragua, provided a new two story building with a clean atmosphere with a pleasant breeze. The central courtyard with fountain was anchored on the open end by a concrete half dome, a part of the outdoor stage.

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Los Gentes

Album: Mr. Incredible

copies of pictures of Mr. Incredible from all the photographers who shared photos here this year.

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