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The January 2008 NEVOSH clinic was held in Nandaime, Nicaragua.  It was a successful mission with a wealth of traveling expertise.  Read the story.

Found a press release dated 1/10/2007 with a nice article on the participation in NEVOSH and other relief trips by our very own Peter Palumbo.

Providence Journal 1/29/2007 ran a piece mentioning Representative Palumbo, Stephen DePasquale, John Kerwin, Frank Cassarella, and Tom Geruso.  The story is about half way down this page.

Dec 2006: Tom Geruso made the news NEVOSH veteran Tom Geruso was covered by the Warwick Beacon. Do not miss the article in the Warwick Beacon online on Tom Geruso's experiences.


La Prensa Coverage of January 2007 NEVOSH trip:

As we collect and organize images and stories of this 2007 trip, please read the  La Prensa Article on the 2007 clinic in original Spanish and a somewhat rough mechanical translation  in English. 


2/13/2003 East Bay Newspapers (RI) article on our Mission:
We have the article archived permanently here, courtesy East Bay Newspapers.

The link below is to a January  27, 2003 article by Lucía Vargas C., Correspondant for newspaper, Managua Nicaragua.  It is written about our Jinotepe 2003 mission.
Spanish only for the moment, we'll try to bring you a good translation.

Carl recommended a website with more information about Nicaragua.  Click here to visit Lonely Planet's Destination Nicaragua.

We have photos from our meeting in Jamestown, RI July 29 and 30, 2000. 


Dave Hart stumbled across this D'Amico item on the web about the VOSH/NECO January 1999 mission to San Juan del Sur, on the website.

We have a few photos from the wonderful Summer Reunion in Jamestown, RI.  Thanks to Carl and family for hosting us all. 

We have a search page available, so you can easily find all those photos from 1999 Masatepe, Nicaragua...  Click here to search  Unfortunately, due to the dynamic nature of the photo galleries for the 2000 La Concepción clinic trip, photo captions from that year will not appear in this search engine.  


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